Honorable mention Fine Art Px3 2015. Whatever happens. 

Whatever happens, aunt Lilly will visit cemetery every day, music will be playing and school kids will draw in alleys. Somebody will return home, stones will be washed by sea, italians will drink coffee and church bells will be ringing.

Agnese Aljena_whatever happens 1 s

Agnese Aljena_whatever happens 2 s

Agnese Aljena_whatever happens 3 s

Gold Px3 2014. Postcards from childhood. 

T he layers of childhood impressions, one over the other create our memories. Our thoughts, emotions, sights, smells, sounds, touch and feel details. We link them in our own ways and build associations turning into unique childhood experience building our personalities.

Aljena Agnese_big city

Aljena Agnese_braid thing

Aljena Agnese_postbox