Drawing: Rudy Murdock

It started as usual small talk: “where are you from? ah, Indonesia. Yes, have been in Riga?”  and a bit later” Yea, Riga is very nice city…. Really, you like to draw it?… Sure, you will come again some day.”

Me and Rudy, an artist from Indonesia share passion for Urban Sketching and both are part of postcard urban sketching group. The most beautiful worldwide project I have been part of – we are a bunch of sketchers, drawing and sending postcards to each other. So we chatted about differences in drawing styles, discussed, which twigs are the best for drawing – I like oak, Rudy prefers water plum twigs. I really don’t know what is water plum…

Meanwhile, encouraged by my friend, also urban sketcher from London, I organised first Urban Sketch Walk in Riga, found friends with minds in drawing, and decided to become official Urban Sketching Chapter. Sketch walk after sketch walk, and you are taken over by drawing everywhere. Most challenging are winters, when the watercolour freezes. Then I am drawing in the car. I even have turned my kids into mini urban sketchers, so that I have a permission to draw also when being in position called “mom”.

But let’s return to Rudy. Word by word, sentence by sentence, and after several denials from different supporting organisations, we realised that we simply have to earn money for tickets to get Rudy to Riga. (Strange, but we never had a single mind – let’s skip this crazy plan)… So the idea of Urban Sketching Summer School in Riga was born. We decided to try fund-rising concept, offering an event – summer school with lectures, workshops and mentored sketch walks, that would pay for the costly tickets. By the way, Rudy will travel 3 days – one night train, then three flights. I didn’t know the world is sooo big. My Urban Sketching friends Alina and Masha also wanted to take part and voilà – here we go:


We will be really thankful if you would take part or support this idea. We want to draw Riga, we want it to be seen and we want to bring other sketchers to this very sketch-able city. And we have a plan to attract their attention by organising another school next summer, and after the next and after after the next. Thank you in advance!